Golden Gate Produce Terminal

Delivery Hours:

6:00 P.M. Sunday.
10:00 P.M. Monday through Thursday.  Closed Saturday.
The produce houses close at 12:00 noon Monday through Friday.

Please note:
In order to alleviate traffic congestion on terminal court, truckers are allowed to enter the terminal two hours prior to the above listed delivery entry hours and stage behind building �b� until released by the toll collector on duty.

Drivers check with the produce house you are delivering to, in advance, to make sure that they will be able to receive your delivery.

Entry fees:

All for hire carriers are subject to the entry fee.  Rates are posted at the entry gate.  A rate schedule is available on request. Entry fees are based on the amount of packages (or weight if the item being delivered is a bulk item) being delivered. Entry fees are due and payable in cash only, at entry, and are good for one time entry only.  Driver must show manifest at entry.  Failure to show manifest or distribution papers will make the maximum entry fee mandatory.  Drivers who misrepresent the quantity being delivered to evade entry fees are subject to double the prevailing entry fee.

Entry fee rates as of 8am on September 1, 2011:

Per package count:
	0 to and including 50 packages..........$  5.00
	51 to and including 150 packages........$ 20.00
	151 of more packages....................$ 33.00

Per bulk items:
	0 to and including 2000 lbs.............$  5.00
	2001 lbs to and including 6000 lbs......$ 20.00
	6001 lbs or more........................$ 33.00


All unloading must take place at the site of a permanent stall holder. No "lumpers" or "swampers" are allowed to perform any unloading on the premises of the Golden Gate Produce Terminal.  Drivers who desire to unload their own truck, at their own risk are allowed to enter the terminal at any time, unless the produce house being delivered to has left standing orders to the contrary.  No equipment of any type, i.e. fork lifts, dock plates or pallet jacks are available for rent or lending.  Drivers needing help in unloading must enter during regular delivery hours.

Please note:
Any arrangements that a delivering driver needs to make in order to pay the entry fee, or obtain help in unloading are the responsibility of the driver.  The toll taker on duty will make no arrangements for any delivering driver to obtain help in paying the entry fee or to obtain help in unloading.